rHome Made


Bernard Delettrez presents his latest collection: rHome Made.

Continuing in his journey through the suggestions of the nature of the old continent, Bernard Delettrez this time takes an imaginary dip in the wild and humid ponds of Africa.

So get ready for the appearance of gigantic elephants, coming to refresh at the pond, surrounded by emerald and green scarabs and by dragonflies with transparent wings.

The dragonflies are prominent in this collection: from bracelets with the insect gracefully laying on a bed of nymphets, or with little dragonflies interlaced to one another creating a unique pattern, to dangling beautiful and delicate enameled dragonflies earrings.

But the focus also wants to be put on where these creatures are imagined and then produced: Rome, the Eternal city, a place that Bernard Delettrez can call Home and location of his work and his atelier.

Rome is where all these creations come together, Rome is where the distant fantasy can become reality.

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Bernard Delettrez’s creations are a combination of visionary design and extremely sophisticated jewelry. Inspired by classic and gothic symbology, nature and surrealism, each piece is designed for who wants uniqueness. His masterworks, both fine and fashion jewelry, are handmade in Italy. One-of-a-kind skulls carved in recycled pink coral from Indonesia or in ebony wood from Kenya, resting on intricate gold rings, infinitely refined chains, laced with keys and skeletons, bold crosses circling the wrist, butterfly earrings or scarabs dangling from fine gold rope rings.