Fashion Diviner

Bernard Delettrez presents his new collection, Fashion Diviner.

Due to his reputation as an inscrutable and unconventional designer, it’s so easy to imagine him blending in his idealistic cauldron : new and surprising interpretations of the animalier topic, with sinuous snakes, graceful dragonflies, flight of butterflies, majestic crocodiles and many more to be discovered.

Nature is the star of this collection, even by mean of some charming reinterpretations of the bamboo theme, confirming the desire, already present in the very last creations, to explore gentle and romantic subjects.

But taking a good look at his new collection, we are strongly impressed by an eccentric face, with unmistakable Cubists features, who observes us with hypnotic gaze from rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings.

It would be reasonable to think of an ironic self-portrait for a designer who never gives up his desecrating vein and his burning desire to amaze.

But maybe it’s just the finish line of a long journey  sprinkled with eyes, noses and mouths : finally reunited in this enigmatic character which, according to rumors,  it’s affectionately nicknamed Osvaldo in the Bernard Delettrez’ atelier in Rome.

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Bernard Delettrez’s creations are a combination of visionary design and extremely sophisticated jewelry. Inspired by classic and gothic symbology, nature and surrealism, each piece is designed for who wants uniqueness. His masterworks, both fine and fashion jewelry, are handmade in Italy. One-of-a-kind skulls carved in recycled pink coral from Indonesia or in ebony wood from Kenya, resting on intricate gold rings, infinitely refined chains, laced with keys and skeletons, bold crosses circling the wrist, butterfly earrings or scarabs dangling from fine gold rope rings.