An Atomic World


Bernard Delettrez presents his latest collection: An Atomic World.

Sixteenth collection of Bernard Delettrez back where predominates the charm of the human anatomy.

The collection is based on the most seductive parts of the body, such as hands and eyes, which expertly combine to create jewelry with a strong personality and sinuous shapes.

There is no shortage of natural and animal elements, such as frogs, anemones and octopuses that come to life in the exact moment they are worn, emphasizing the natural shapes and movements that characterize them.

With this collection Bernard Delettrez praises the beauty and blends with the unmistakable Gothic line that has always distinguished.

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Bernard Delettrez’s creations are a combination of visionary design and extremely sophisticated jewelry. Inspired by classic and gothic symbology, nature and surrealism, each piece is designed for who wants uniqueness. His masterworks, both fine and fashion jewelry, are handmade in Italy. One-of-a-kind skulls carved in recycled pink coral from Indonesia or in ebony wood from Kenya, resting on intricate gold rings, infinitely refined chains, laced with keys and skeletons, bold crosses circling the wrist, butterfly earrings or scarabs dangling from fine gold rope rings.