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Bernard Delettrez is the exclusive creator of all the designs shown on this website.

Each piece has been previously filed with the Italian Ministry of Cultural Affairs which has confirmed to Bernard Delettrez full property of the stocks. 

Bernard Delettrez has engaged a legal procedure against s.r.l Delettrez; the final judgment is currently in proceeding.

Any individual representing models that are similar to the designs of Bernard Delettrez on another website, is not the author and do not have any intellectual property.

We thank our customers for their trust and ask them to remain vigilant.




Bernard delettrez is something of a cypher. A very quiet, traveling man who prefers to let the jewelry he has designed for the past thirty years speak for itself.

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Bernard Delettrez's Retail Stores are located in several countries worldwide. You can check the up to date list below and find the closest store to your city.



Bernard Delettrez opens the doors of his SECRET GARDEN. Cross the threshold and get lost in his fanciful wonderland.


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