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All eyes on Giulia

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Mia moglie ringrazia 🌹
Coral shaped earrings with little shells ~ New Collection 🐚 bernarddelettrezofficial
Snakes on @fashionartwise bernarddelettrezofficial
New Collection • Coral shape bronze ring with kyanite bernarddelettrezofficial
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Summer chez Bernard Delettrez bernarddelettrezofficial
Welcome Summer!
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Articulated silver Cage rings on @antoniogrimaldiatelier Couture bernarddelettrezofficial
Bernard Delettrez pour Antonio Grimaldi Haute Couture bernarddelettrezofficial
More from Antonio Grimaldi Haute Couture in Paris bernarddelettrezofficial
Feathers, Claws and beautiful Haute Couture by @antoniogrimaldiatelier
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Bernard Delettrez pour Antonio Grimaldi ~ Paris Haute Couture bernarddelettrezofficial
Antonio Grimdi haute couture ~ with Bernard Delettrez jewelry

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I've been a goldsmith/jeweler for 40 years. Your pieces are fantastic. I'm from Massachusetts, USA and planning my 60th birthday to somewhere in Italy. Possibly Sardinia because a saw Anthony Bourdain film his special from there. I've never been to
The most magical insect bernarddelettrezofficial
Dragonfly earcuff with pearls bernarddelettrezofficial
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Beautiful editorial on Mia Le Journal
photo Erica Fava
Styling Valeria J. Marchetti
Meravigliosa Tea Falco
photo: Martina Scorcucchi
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On Vanity Fair Italia
Actor Francesco Apolloni Photo Marco Barbaro
Stylist Sara Leoni
Jewels Bernard Delettrez
Location Mag Hotels #TheTribuneHotel
Press Office Manzo Piccirillo ufficio stampa
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Clara Alonso ❤👁👄
Elodie Di Patrizi
All our love and support to Elodie Di Patrizi for her first Live Concert!
#Elodie looks stunning with spiked hoop by Bernard Delettrez
Emma Marrone