Seeking the perfect stone

Bernard Delettrez designs gems jewelry for people who have everything, but who want something they can’t find anywhere else. Iconic symbols and inventions come together in pieces that are both timeless and mave­rick.

Working in 18k and 9k gold, silver and bronze, Bernard Delettrez has an epicurean appetite for creating gemstone jewellery from violet sapphires to the extraordinary and rare purple-edged blue tanzanite found only in East Africa’s Tanzania.

He is always willing to cross the line to mix a prize gem with something complex and new as long as it fascinates him.

Gem Jewelry Bernard Delettrez

He’s attracted to stones that evoke an emotion, and he seeks out the ones others have yet to use, an occupation which keeps him travelling all over the world.

“If a red tourmaline troubles me more than a Burmese ruby, I will use the tourmaline”.

Transparent emeralds, rainbow fluorite, natural colored diamonds (pale pinks, blue, bright yellow, orange, green and cognac brown), pearls (chocolate, green, gold, grey and black) and pink coral are just few of the gems he blends in his idealistic cauldron of creation.

Always keen to experience new materials, Bernard Delettrez make use of different gems. You can find in the online store amazing jewelry and incredible precious stones living alongside captivating fashion and fine jewels made of gold, bronze, silver and brass.

If you love yellow gemstones you may interested in discover the colored and shiny cubic zirconia, handmade in Italy as all of his masterworks, both fine and fashion jewelry.

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